Temagami Tower

Breathtaking panoramic view on the summit of Caribou Mountain.


The Temagami Tower and Viewing Platform

On August 9, 1998 the newly restored Temagami Fire Tower and Caribou Mountain Lookout was opened and dedicated to the Ministry of Natural Resources Forest Rangers. Located atop Caribou Mountain in the northwest corner of the White Bear Forest it is within the town limits. From the parking lot close to the top of Caribou Mountain, it is a short walk past the interpretive center which hosts fire suppression artifacts from the past century and then it’s up the stairs to the viewing platform that overlooks the town and the Northeast arm of Lake Temagami. Climb the Temagami tower for a breathtaking panoramic view such as the rangers would have seen.

The original tower was erected just a few metres to the east of the present tower site in 1910 and was built of square timber design and 45 feet high. In the late 1930’s this tower was demolished and a new 85 foot steel tower erected. Due to rusting, in 1951 the current 100 foot high steel tower was erected by seven Forest Rangers. There were nine towers in the area manned by towerman with field glasses, a detailed map and a alidate and azimuth, to pinpoint the exact location of a fire. The Temagami Tower was last used 25 years ago to spot fires and for the past 47 years has become a part of the Temagami skyline.

The 100 foot high tower stands on the summit of Caribou Mountain 400 feet above the town and 1300 feet above sea level. It is the highest point on Yonge Street (Hwy#11). The cupola, at the top, commands a 360 degree view in excess of 40 kilometers. On a clear day the fire tower on top of Maple Mountain (highest point in Ontario, North West of Lake Temagami) can be seen.

The tower is closed during the winter season to climb for safety reasons. However, you may hike up the hill from the chalet (as far as the road is plowed) and visit the viewing platforms at the base of the tower level. Also, the White Bear Trails surrounding the tower are great for snowshoeing!

Come and Climb the Temagami Tower... A Natural High.

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