Temagami’s second most popular sport.


Small and Large Game Hunting

Second only to fishing, hunting is Temagami’s most popular sport. Whether you walk or ATV the myriad of old logging roads throughout the area, grouse (a.k.a. partridge) and rabbits are plentiful and are the preferred target of most small game hunters. The season opens locally on September 15 and for the next couple months, hunters clad in bright orange outfits can be seen stalking these delicacies with their shotguns, small caliber rifles or bows and arrows.

Large game hunting for bear and moose is even more popular. Both the resident and non-resident bear season runs from August 15 through October 30. Several lodges offer all-inclusive packages with meals, accommodations, guides and active bait stations for their bear hunting guests. Moose season begins in mid-September and goes until November 15 each autumn for bow hunters and from early October until November 15 for gun hunters here in WMU #40 (wildlife management unit). Again, several lodges offer partial or all-inclusive packages including cutting and wrapping services. A few lodges and outfitters have complimentary adult tags for their moose hunting guests. Check the MNR website for more information and regulations

For a unique winter experience, consider a trapline tour where you will see today’s professional trappers carrying on an age-old tradition and using the most up-to-date equipment to harvest several species of fur bearing animals. All you need is a reliable snowmobile.

Article by Doug Adams

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