Freely explore as you move your floating cottage.


Houseboating in Temagami

Houseboating has become a popular form of vacation over the years. You can freely explore as you move your floating cottage from campsite to campsite, taking in the scenery along the way.

Houseboats make great base camps whether you are fishing or exploring. Fishermen never need to be far from their favourite fishing holes. They can park their mobile base at a campsite and foray out with their smaller boats to fish, or while relaxing, simply toss a line off the houseboat.

Those wanting to explore can use their houseboat as a base for hiking or canoeing excursions into the surrounding landscape. Should the weather turn sour you always have a nice warm cabin close by.

Temagami offers a variety of houseboat companies, including both small and large houseboats for rent. Couples will find the privacy of a small houseboat something to relish as they explore the beauty of the lake. With no phones or distractions you are able to enjoy just being together in a quiet setting, floating along and soaking up the sun.

Larger houseboats offer a platform for those looking to gather many friends or families together. Offering a top deck and rear slide you are ready to bask in the sun, swim in the lake, or just visit. Tow a boat behind for some water sports and get active on the lake.

Families of any size will find a houseboat to accommodate their needs. Enjoy one of the beaches and watch the kids make sand castles and play some Frisbee along the shore. Take them fishing and see who can catch the most fish in a week. If you tire of one area, there is always another bay just a short distance away to explore. There are trails to hike, mountains to climb, and wildlife to see.

For your next getaway, enjoy a vacation afloat in your own private cottage drifting along the many miles of shoreline and bays of Lake Temagami!

Article by Mike Drenth

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