Skiing & Snowshoeing

Deep in the snow through a white pine forest.


Skiing & Snowshoeing In Temagami

Deep in the snow, a gentle trail meanders through a white pine forest. The swoosh of your skis and a whispering wind are the sounds that you hear. Long after the canoeists and hikers have gone, after the lakes have frozen over and the weather turned cold and clear, Temagami awaits those who enjoy the simple, enduring pleasure of striding over snow pole in hand.

Some of Ontario’s best cross country ski trails are found in Temagami. Exploring them by day or venture out on a cabin to cabin excursion for a truly memorable backcountry experience.

Try going for a leisurely walk through the down snow covered trails and experience a whole new dimension. Return to comfort of a lodge, a hearty meal and perhaps the warmth of a sauna. Welcome to winter in Temagami.

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