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Explore Nature in Temagami

The vast majority of the Temagami region is situated on Crown Land, or areas that have never been “civilized” into agricultural farmland. The wide variety of landscapes include both of Ontario’s highest peaks; Ishpatina Ridge reaching 2,275 feet (693m), and Maple Mountain reaching 2,106 feet (642m). Other parts of this 8,000 sq. km. wilderness contain vast stretches of old growth red & white pine forests, pure stands of yellow & white birches or poplars (aspens). In a few select locations you can find sugar maples where entrepreneurs tap the trees and boil the sap into sweet and sticky maple syrup every spring.

Wildlife viewing opportunities include the majestic moose, black bear and the occasional deer. Some of the smaller animals you will see include the beaver, red fox, lynx, fisher and the elusive pine marten (or sable). Loons, blue herons and ruffed grouse are quite common while the bald eagle, peregrine falcon and the orange crested warbler can be easily heard but are difficult to locate.

Over 20 species of wild orchids that are native to Northern Ontario and can be found in a few select locations throughout the dry pine forests and wet bogs & fens of Temagami from early May through late September. Please remember: photos only; never pick or attempt to relocate these fragile beauties!

A wide variety of colorful mushrooms for both photography and consumption can be found from May through September also. Caution is advised: some are edible and some are inedible while a few can be either poisonous or even fatal!

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