largest variety of freshwater game fish species in the world.


Fishing in Temagami

Whether you prefer hard water (ice) fishing or summer fishing, the hundreds of lakes in the Temagami district can easily fulfill your wildest expectations. With over 20% of the map covered with lakes and rivers and coupled with the largest variety of freshwater game fish species in the world, Temagami is the place to be if you enjoy the best in all that this sport has to offer.

Most lakes usually have sufficient ice by mid-December for early season die-hard fishermen. Huts can then be placed on the lakes by mid-January. Walleye, northern pike and whitefish are popular species at this time of year and February 15 heralds the opening of lake trout season on most lakes. Winter ice fishing season closes on March 15 for all species except whitefish which is open all year.

Heated huts, live bait and transportation to the huts are part of most meal and accommodation packages offered by several lodges. A few outfitters offer overnight on-ice bungalows with full kitchen and washroom facilities for groups of up to 6 or 8 guests. Some stocked lakes containing splake, speckled (brook) trout and lake trout are open for fishing all year. Check the MNR website for complete regulations,

Summer fishing offers an even larger selection of lakes where you can wet a line. The smallmouth bass season opens in late June and these fish are very aggressive predators all summer. Lake trout fishermen can be seen plying the open waters of pristine deep lakes with their downriggers or leaded lines. Walleye and pike can be found in shallower and warmer waters near weed beds or on gravel shoals in depths of up to 20 or 30 feet.

More and more fly fishermen visit Temagami every summer. And it’s not just for stream fishing for speckles. Both northern pike and smallmouth bass will voraciously attack any hook dressed in its finest fur and feathers. Many lakes are only visited by fly fishermen once or twice a summer.

Although it is not mandatory, most lodges and outfitters encourage the catch & release of all species of larger spawning size fish. This ensures the reproduction of that particular species for future generations of fishermen. As well, the excitement of the catch that you enjoyed that day will be repeated for the next lucky angler.

Article by Doug Adams

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