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Temagami Area Fish Involvement Program (TAFIP)

The fish hatchery in TemagamiTAFIP was founded in 1985, after much discussion amongst the fishing and tourist community in this area, as a non-profit organization to help maintain a good walleye (pickerel) fish population in the local lakes of the Temagami area. The fish hatchery building is now located on the waterfront in the town of Temagami.

The main logo of our program is “Giving Nature a Hand” and this is reflected in the original charter of TAFIP:

"The Temagami Region is an area where man and nature are striving to live harmoniously together. Its forests and waters have supported an abundance of wildlife, including fish, for centuries. Continuing pressure by mankind has reduced the numbers of many of the wildlife species, especially the various kinds of fish which are native to the area. The TAFIP is dedicated to returning the area’s fish population to its former natural abundance as well as preserving the natural scenic beauty and water quality of the Temagami Area and its surroundings. ... (the first two objectives set out) I. To return the fish population in the Temagami Area to its natural state; II. To establish, operate and maintain sufficient fish hatcheries in the area to accommodate the first objective."

Since the beginning the fish hatchery has been in operation every year. It has the capacity to incubate 3 million fish eggs. Incubation time at the hatchery building is approximately 14-21 days, then our walleye frys are transported from the hatchery tanks to the four outdoor rearing ponds. When many of the fry have become larger (often referred to as “fingerlings”) we distribute both fry and fingerlings to area lakes as per MNR biologist instructions, with 10% of the fry distributed to the donor site. Most of this work starts in spring after ice break-up and runs through to mid-August.

TAFIP also conducts educational tours for school children and tourists during our operational summer months. If interested you can contact any of the following for time and date:


President - Ike laba  705-569-3252

Vice - Gerry Stroud   705-569-2960

Treasurer - Rick Gunnell  705-569-4188

Director - Wendell Gustavson  705-569-2439


P.O. Box 88, 19 Lakeshore Drive
Temagami ON P0H 2H0

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